Why are voluntary-to-join Professional Associations behaving like cults?

NZIPC has received a number of membership applications from people who have chosen to leave their more established professional associations.

Other NZIPC members have chosen to join us, and "stay in the tent" of their current association, so to speak.

Both NZIPC populations report some every worrying themes going on in their voluntary-to-join professional associations, including:

* Policing of members comments on social media;

* Presenting Codes of Ethics as the rule of law;

* Censoring alternative perspectives to a prevailing narrative in association meetings (e.g. the current debate on just what it is that Constitutes "Conversion Therapy").

* Association leaders using the ethics committee process as a tool to bully and intimidate members who disagree with the Associations public comments on matters of practice.

Such behaviour by any organisation is perhaps best recognised within the lexicon of a "corporate cult".

What characterizes corporate cult is the degree of control leadership exercises over its members thinking and behavior.

This starts with recruitment, where leaders and members are screened for their “fit.”

Once in, they then see that on-boarding processes and incentive systems tend to reinforce the need for alignment.

This drives the way people communicate, make decisions, evaluate each other, as well as application, membership and ethical decisions.

In such a climate, individualism is discouraged, and group-think prevails.

Somewhere along the line, it seems that various Association leadership has determined that they are the sole arbiters of truth, and that no dissent from the (most often sociological minority) narrative will be tolerated by its membership.

So, for those who have been disappointed, disaffected, and dis-possessed from their voluntary-to-join professional associations, welcome to NZIPC, where your personal sovereignty, free will, and free speech is upheld, not crushed underfoot.

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