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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

The New Zealand Independent Practitioners Collective (NZIPC) is designed to represent New Zealand-based independent allied health practitioners, who recognise the research-validated benefits of practice-based routine client outcome measurement.

When done well, routine client outcome measurement can double treatment effectiveness, and halve treatment time.

Clients get better faster, are active agents in their own wellness journey, and have a privileged voice in the treatment process.

An NZIPC-affiliated member recognises that they are not just a professional expert, but also an invited professional guest into the lives of clients, at a time when the client is most often physically, emotionally, or psychologically vulnerable.

An NZIPC-affiliated member is not required to hold any particular allegiance to a specific way of thinking, belief, cultural practice, political perspective, model of practice, or arbitrary membership requirement, especially when any of the above is in conflict with positive client outcome evidence.

In short, when it comes to establishing "best practice" treatment protocols, NZIPC will lean in the direction of the practice-based evidence as identified from formal client outcome measurement, even if this evidence may contradict any other established sans-evidence (yet still nominated as) "best practice" protocols.

NZIPC welcomes new members to the organisation. Please go to the "Membership & Log In" page & fill in the NZIPC Membership Form. A confirmation email will be sent to you.

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